Suntec City - The Fountain of Wealth

The Suntec City is the latest among Singapore's megastrucutres. Documented in the 1998 Guinness Record, its total floor area 7 Million square feet, 888,000 sq. ft. shopping space, 3,200 units of parking lots. 1,000,000 sq. ft. of conference area and outdoor fountain occupying 18,018 sq. ft. This is the world's largest outdoor fountain – the spring of wealth. It spans over 18018 sq. ft. of the basement, of 46 feet height, with a diameter of 66 feet. Constructed of pure copper weighing 85 tones, its manufacture cost was S$6 Million.

This one of a kind fountain designed is allocated the pivotal position. From its formation, four outer main roads embraces it, providing influx of water whilst the form inner lanes interlinked represents the reverting of four flows towards its depository. The four inner lanes are respectively situated on Qian, Sun, Kun, Ken round a circle. This circulation of water enables the utmost perfect display of pivotal water. Qian, Kun, Ken, Sun water is termed "Official water" which according to a classic book – Tian YU Classic depicts the visiting of officials. No wonder the numerous international conferences held with lots of international organizations taking up space for its offices.

The Suntec City is a combination of five blocks of offices, three malls and a conference cum exhibition hall. Each of these buildings is unique, with the aggregation of every two office blocks forming the Tui Gua, - the caving in at the top with the base protruded. (The I-ching states: Tui is the exclusion of the apex).

This is utterly agreeable during the 7th Age Tui Gua which span from 1984 to 2003. Metal cannot prosper without earth thus the location of a squarish building by its side. (Square depicts earth).

The roof of the conference hall is makes up by the assembly of numerous pyramids. Western mystics believe in the power of pyramids for energy storage, the sealing in of freshness of food and the ground for meditation. Thus the adoption of pyramids as tombs in ancient Egypt in the hope of resurrection and the continuation of power. The ensemble of these pyramids offers immense motivation and optimism.

The author feel honored as a Singapore resident from Hong Kong because this S$5 billion architecture is the combined investment by eminent Hong Kong businessmen: Li Ka Shing, Run Run Shaw, Lee Shiu Kei, with its design administered by Hongkongers.