Urging Wealth

The function of the feng shui products are to enhance the wealth and diminish the Shar, correct orientation should be placed according to different people's own Life Gua or actual environments. It is therefore take a professional advice from feng shui consultants or contact the author will be most appreciated. This page provides illustrations of actual products that help turn your life around.

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1) Li's Feng Shui Lucky Copper Ruler

Functions: Inclusive of three parts.
a) Wisdom, prevent ill luck.
b) Buddha's six words.
c) The length of wealth & prosperity.

a) The bottom part of this ruler has two 'ear holes' for fixing the ruler onto ehe floor, doors or on the Altar.
b) Faces outside the Shar.
c) Faces inside (onto doors or place on the Altar)

Feng Shui Theory
a) The copper itself can accumulate chi and diminish the disastrous power of the Grand Duke- No.5 flying star of the year.

b) Outside your unit, there are a lot of Intangible Shar such as the Grand Duke (Shar of the earth) and according to the Law of Five Elements, use the metal to dissolve the power of earth. The reason for fixing the ruler onto the floors and close to the main entrance is because the Shar is passed from earth, and the Shar will bring ill luck and poor health to the owner.

c) Outside your unit, there are a lot of tangible Shar such as the long corridor, the opening, the lifts, and the neighbor directly facing your unit that will bring the owner ill luck. By using the Feng Shui Copper Ruler as threshold block the Shar from outside.

d) Shar from windows are usually 'edge Shar', 'point Shar', 'light reflective Shar' and 'arrow Shar'. For riddance of these Shar, place the ruler facing out on the windows or balconies.

e) Is the most powerful Sanskrit.

f) Represents wisdom and brings good luck to the owner by giving a calmly and stabilized mood.

g) The ruler only figure out 'fortune, filial son, distinguished son, prosperity' and the measurement in inches and centimeter. It will bring the owner: Fortune, Promotion, and Increment in income.

h) Putting on the Altar is the way of purifying the Altar.

i) Putting on the working table, improves human relationships and brings in money and fortune.

j) The ruler can be put in the office, shop or house.
Proven formula and experienced by thousands of users, significant improvement and without any side effect.

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2) Wealth Enhancing Copper Flying Unicorn (PiXi)


a) Suitable for side incomes, investment, trading and lotteries.
b) Elimination of formation Shar and the protection of wealth luck.

Copper emulating the legendary unicorn. Cleansed by Tibetan wealth rituals and the eyes opened by Tao rituals. It is indeed formidable.

The unicorn has long been used by olden day emperors to get rid of evil spirits and to stabilize the residence. Its ability to attract wealth is legendary.
The placing of a purified unicorn in the house or office turn around its luck for the better, promotes prosperity, rid it of evil spirits and has a very stabilizing factor protecting the place. It ensures peace and wealth. Its unique design enables the head to be lifted for 'wealth feed' to be added. It is highly effective both for the elimination of the Shar and wealth enhancement.

To be placed on a working desk, window, cashier, safe box, living room for attracting wealth - main and side incomes.

From the Tong Shu (almanac) select a 'full' or 'success' date and place the unicorn in the current year's prosperous position.
a) Secure the unicorn's eyes with a red cloth, open the head to place in wealth feeds for unicorns. Recap the head and do not open unless necessary.
b) Wealth feeds are to be replaced every two year to ensure its efficacy.
c) Visualize the unicorn to be emitting a brilliant yellow ray (light of wealth) and removing the red cloth masking its eyes.
d) Taking in an incessant stream of jewelry and money from outside into the residence and stored within it.

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3) Shar Eliminating Flying Copper Kirin

a) Eliminating of any road, edge and angle, bad hill, point Shar and other environmental Shar without affecting other family.
b) Counters current year No. 3 & 2 flying stars for health, peace and tranquillity.

Copper hand-crafted according to traditional legendary apparition. The Kirin is purified by the use of Tibetan rituals and its eyes 'opened' using the Tao rituals. This ensures its ability to stabilize the residence, warding off Shar.

The Kirin has long been used to guard imperial tombs. It is not as ferocious as the lion. It shields its master without harming the innocent. It is thus regarded as a propitious animal. Most Shar arise from earth with No.2 & 5 stars being the most likely to bring about sickness. It is thus the use of metal to dissolve the earth element to get rid of Shar.

a) Elimination of formation Shar
Most Shar can be classified as external or internal.
i) external Shar
From outside doors and windows because these are the entrances of chi. From doors, these Shar includes the 'gun Shar' and 'opening Shar'. A pair of Copper Flying Kirin are therefore required, one of each side of the door. The Kirin have to face outside. If unable to be so placed, they can also be set up outside the main door then face back towards it.
ii) internal Shar
This is mainly caused by partitions and furnishings. Lavatories facing the main door, altar or rooms result in Shar. Therefore a pair of Kirin facing the lavatory is sufficient.
b) Orientation Shar elimination
Current year No. 2, 3 Flying Star are detrimental to health and wealth. A pair of Kirin at No. 2 Flying Star positions or faces these directions can be used. For No.3 Flying Star, however, 3 Kirin need to be placed facing it to be effective.

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4) Jade Pagoda

a) Encourages concentration and acumen.
b) Improves aptitude for studies and grades in students.
c) Enables fame and authority in adults.

Made of precious jade, the pagoda is an artifice by expert craftsmen. Adopting '9' levels to signify fire, its colour green represents wood with its tip shaped like a gourd for eminence. Height of '7' or '9' inches are both fire, measurements for scholastic achievements according to feng shui scales. This measurements helps government officials and management levels attain power.

Feng shui theory dictates that a formation for improved wisdom makes students intelligent and focused, enabling eminent results while in adults and power is swiftly increased.
Jade has long been known for its stabilizing and tranquilizing effects, very effective for analytical acumen. Furthermore, 'wood with fire' symbolizes scholastic attainments, giving rise to intellects, enabling studies and career advancement.

This usage of '7' or '9' storeys, proves to be highly effective in many case studies, taking worries off many parents.

a) Macroscopic usage (for the whole family)
Taking the centre of the whole house or the living room, place the jade pagoda in the No.4 flying star of the year position.
b) Independent placement (for individuals)
The jade pagoda emits incessant chi and thus when placed on a study or work desk, the individuals are encompassed in this auspicious chi, thus efficacious for studies and work, accomplishing good results and career promotions. For maximum effect, position for scholarship can be traced from an individual's birth date. Using the centre of the whole house or a room, subdivide into eight directions, then place the jade pagoda at the position for scholarship.

Chart for position for scholarship for individuals

Date of birth Jia Yi Ping Ting Mao Ji Geng Xin Ren Kui
Position Si Wu Shen You Shen You Hai Zi Yin Mao
(Notes: please refer the almanac to check the Heavenly Stems for individual's date of birth)

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5) The Amethyst Dragon Head Tortoise


a) Enhance luck and wealth
b) Riddance of antagonistic harmful effects
c) Get ride of lawsuit & quarrel cases

Hand crafted natural precious amethyst, purified by 'Tibetan Method' make it very powerful. The dragon god is a bodisattva, granting wishes to all who are sincere. He promises the realization of wishes, abundance of wealth, luck, longevity, health, peace and a smooth sailing career. Unpurified by the 'Tibetan Method' its effect is questionable.

Feng Shui advocates the importance of the taking in of auspicious chi, then the evasion of the inauspicious, dying, antagonistic and weakening chi. This concurs with the use of the dragon tortoise which is used both for wealth enhancement and the emission of Shar.

Placing the Amethyst Dragon Head Tortoise on the current year's No.3 Flying Star position in order to diminish the quarrel Shar, or to put on the current year's No.8 Flying Star position in order to enhance luck and wealth.
Annual positions for the flying stars can be traced by referring the Part 5 of this book, Flying Star Almanac.

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6) Copper Ba Gua Gourd

a) Cleansed through Tibetan fire rituals.
b) Characteristic: made of pure copper on each is engraved the Ba Gua.
c) Theory: Gourds have always been used for the removal of Yin, evil and Shar. Its shape enables chi thus absorbed to be contained inside it.
d) Usage:

i) Shar elimination
Pure copper gourd shaped vase promotes ingestion of chi. Circular Ba Gua at base of vase eradicates all forms Shar, reducing them to the minimum. Circular Ba Gua coins at the top of vase is independent of the container itself.
Residences are assaulted by No.2 Shar flying star of the year, impairing the health and wealth luck of those living in. No.2 Star of earth element, seep upwards from the ground. Ba Gua coins are then replaced on top of the vase and placed in the position of No.2 star. Shar imbibed by the gourd is thus erased.

ii) Relationship enhancement
Besides Shar eradication, this gourd also improves one's relationship with the opposite sex. Simply place the gourd on the current year's No.4 Flying Star position for this effect. Annual positions for the flying stars can be traced by using the almanac provided. If one has a person in mind, it is preferable that his or her picture be put in front of the gourd for maximum effect.

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7) The White Jade Power Stamp

In the highly competitive modern business world, careers and trade of all forms require extreme efficiency and capabilities. Any slip made could be disastrous and therefore the White Jade Power Stamp for prevention. Of course the ideal can be achieved through master's professional advice.

a) Improves authority and self-confidence.
b) To achieve eminent position with the respect of subordinates.
c) Increase in job efficiency and to better the chance for promotion.
d) Speed up career development and future planning.

Crafted with white Jade, its base is engraved with the 'Dipper' - Seven Pole Star. Magnetic disturbance within the jade has been cleansed and the product cleansed through Tibetan way.

The stamp has long been used by emperors & high ranking officials to signify power and authority. It is regarded as an heirloom by all officials. To have an upperhand over one's subordinates, colleagues, employer and client is essential for a rewarding career in today's world. The stamp is thus indispensable.

Feng shui classics endorse that a mountain shaped like a stamp in the frontage of one's house, results in a highly scholastic and well rewarded person. Thus it is best for the jade pagoda to be used together with the White Jade Stamp for maximum effect.i) simple placement
without tabulation, position as follows:
a) place the jade pagoda on the left corner of a desk.
b) Place the white jade stamp on the right corner on the same desk.
ii) Positional placement

From the centre of the living room or bedroom, calculate the NW (official) & SE (scholastic) positions. Place a white jade stamp and a jade pagoda respectively. Make sure the head of stamp faces the main door.