What is Feng Shui?

What is feng shui? A subject that intrigues and mystifies many. Feng shui is very much environmental science. It is in effect the incorporation of natural environment, the earth's magnetic field, yin and yang forces, the mountains and rivers. Minute topological or geographical difference results in great contrariety of feng shui effects. A site with good feng shui generally sees its tenants prosperous and happy whilst a place with bad feng shui sees few occupants or those who are sick, poor and seemingly ill of luck.

Mountains connoting population in feng shui sees the high population in India, Indonesia and China. Countries lacking in mountains thus cannot expect to see a hefty population growth. Water as signified by rivers and seas sees countries with strong economic developments as in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The tumbling of Mount "Kun Lun" in China, one of the most influential mountains to Chinese sees tragedies befalling some Chinese majority countries, claiming the lives of many.

It has been the tradition of Chinese to choose auspicious burial sites for their ancestors. This is because good "chi" or luck when experienced by the ancestors thus buried will bring blessings to the next generations. This luck when compounded with one who also pays attention to the feng shui of their living and work place. The extent of feng shui is so important that, an efficient geomancer can make predictions based on the residence's feng shui layout alone. Accurate timing of events can be deduced just by the layout of a place and that is why many are now paying attention to this ancient subject. Although it is true that there are many schools of feng shui and that geomancers may differ somewhat in their view, one has to be wary of practitioners who do not have a very solid foundation in terms of traditional feng shui training. An efficient geomancer helps one towards the path of luck whereby an inefficient one can bring about downfalls and sorrows.

When on the subject of feng shui, many people are most concerned about wealth enhancement. This should however be a secondary factor as unlucky "sha" (intangible evil force) should always be eliminated first. Feng shui brings forth the good only when the bad has been gotten rid off. Always therefore make sure that there is no more "sha" before one attempts to enhance the lucky chi