Argument on Xuan Kong Age 8

Three Cycles and Nine Ages

Xuan Kong Flying Star was obtained from Nine orientations of the Luo Shu to derive at the formulae for Age 1 to 9. Age 5 as center to rule all orientations. Upper Cycle consist of Age 1, 2, 3. Middle Cycle control Age 4, 5, 6 and Lower Cycle to rule Age 7, 8, 9 and these continue to rotate periodically.

Emperor Huang Di found the calendar of Jia Zi and in Zheng Su (??) 68th years derived 'Seven Planets in Seriatim' (Qi Zheng Ci Yi ????) and confirmed the 1st Jia Zi year (BC 2637) until the Later Jia Zi year (1984) has gone through 77 rounds of Jia Zi years, of almost 5000 years of recorded Chinese culture and history. (Remarks: Qi Zheng Ci Yi means the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn are arranged in a straight line. This 180 years consist of three Jia Zi. Every round of Jia Zi consist 1 Cycle, 180 years consist of 3 Cycles.

Year 2000 is a new age for mankind. Many have made predictions with a very pessimistic viewpoint; depicting it as the end of the world with the destruction of earth, etc. As times closes by we are actually going to witness a very rare astronomical phenomenon. Qi Zheng Ci Yi - seven planets in succession.

Computerization enabled the author to derive May 5th, 2000 as the time all seven planets will be most proximal to each other. They will converge in Taurus as follows: Venus 4'48", Mercury 9'56", Sun 14'48", Jupiter 17'8", Saturn 19'42", Moon 26'4" and Mars 0'51" Gemini. (Note: A sign is the division of heaven Balances by twelve with each being 30 degree). The seven planets are congregating this time in the sign of Taurus. The two planets at the most extreme, Venus & Mars are only 26 degree away from each other. When seen with the naked eyes all seven planets seen to string together.

Modern astronomical term should be 'seven planets in a sign', all planets differ in their distance from earth. Taking earth as centre, the next one is moon, followed by Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and the furthest Saturn.

With the take off of Xuan Kong feng Shui, what was once regarded as Xuan Kong Actual Chart and Peripheral Chart, Smooth Flow and Counter Flow, Current Year Flying Star, Current Month Flying Star, and the Current Day Flying Star etc. have been disclosed. Easily accessible are all these materials but the absolute theory passed on by feng shui preceptors are neglected and distorted; like a dreadful epidemic spreading out.

A Cycle is twenty years long, now being the 7th Age of Lower Cycle (1984-2003), the 8th Age from 2004-2023 is also 20 years, a common knowledge. The theory behind this however, is known to few and the author shall hereby elaborate.

Its been 4636 years (taking 1999) since Emperor Huang Di first enumerated Qi Zheng Ci Yi in BC 2637. Year 2000 sees a difference of 4637 years. Year 2003, the number of years between will be 4640. Xuan Kong is of nine stars, same as the nine ages. BC 2637 till year 2003 will see 232 periodic Cycles. Every major cycle spans 180 years i.e. by year 2003, 25 major Cycles will have taken place; the beginning of the 8th Age. This is the theory behind Xuan Kong Flying Star, a formula involving the exchange of time and energy.

Each Age is of 20 years in accordance with planetary positions as Jupiter and Saturn conjuncts every 20 years. This time round the conjunction will take place in year 2000 with the date of 1st June 2000 as proximity. Xuan Kong theory of 20 years per Age is based on this principle.

Computer technological advancement enabled the author the astounding discovery that printout of the alignment of the seven planets in year 2000 is actually the mirror image of the Bei Dou Seven Stars. Hopefully further indepth into the universal relations between Bei Dou Seven Stars, Ages of Cycles and Qi Zheng Ci Yi shall be achieved.

Master Jiang Ta Hong said, "Bei Dou as guide, Tian Xin Zhang Yun as prove". Bei Dou Star will join every 20 years being the change to an Age. Therefore one Age has 20 years. One Yuan has 20 years, Three Yuan Nine Age total 180 years.

Our Later Nine Ages Chart

Upper Cycle AGE 1 - 1864 - 1883
AGE 2 - 1884 - 1903
AGE 3 - 1904 - 1923

Middle Cycle AGE 4 - 1924 - 1943
AGE 5 1944 - 1963
AGE 6 - 1964 - 1983

Lower Cycle AGE 7 - 1984 - 2003
AGE 8 - 2004 - 2023
AGE 9 - 2024 - 2043

Former Heaven Gua Age

Xuan Kong has another faction using the theory of He Tu: "Changes inherit the nature of Absolute, giving rise to Duality, which begets the Four Signs, in turn make the arising of the Eight Trigram to confirm the Age." Therefore there is only Upper Yuan and Lower Yuan. Upper Yuan consist of Age 1 to 4, while Lower Yuan control Age 6 to 9, total 180 years. Since Age 5 as Center, there is no Gua and Age. Therefore no Age 5 for them. According to Former Heaven Gua, Yang Yao as 9, Yin Yao as 6 has derived the Former Heaven Gua Age as follows:

Age 1 Kun 1864-1881 (18yrs) Jia Zi to Xin Si
Age 2 Sun 1882-1905 (24yrs) Ren Wu to Yi Si
Age 3 Li 1906-1929 (24yrs) Bing Wu to Ji Si
Age 4 Dui 1930-1953 (24yrs) Geng Wu to Gui Si

Age 6 Kan 1954-1974 (21yrs) Jia Wu to Jia Yiu
Age 7 Hum 1975-1995 (21yrs) Yi Mao to Yi Hai
Age 8 Zhen 1996-2016 (21yrs) Bing Zi to Bing Shen
Age 9 Qian 2017-2043 (27yrs) Ding You to Gui Hai

This faction based on "Former Heaven as Body, Later Heaven as Use". Using Former Heaven Ba Gua match with Later Heaven Luo Shu Gua Number, becomes Earthly Age, which controls mountain and water geographically and orientational bad and auspicious. Three Cycles Nine Ages are classified by this method.

Uncover the mystery of Xuan Kong Age 8

The above two factions has their own correct Xuan Kong teaching. But how to judge whether 1996 is consider Age 7 or Age 8 ? Those who mastered their I-ching understood that there are two Ba Gua, the Former Heaven Ba Gua and Later Heaven Ba Gua, derived from He Tu and Luo Shu respectively.

Former Heaven Ba Gua represent the rise and fall of an orientation, Later Heaven Ba Gua represents the Up and Down of time period. The two Ba Gua each has its own duties and uses to take care of.Former Heaven Ba Gua is a teaching on space forming and Later Heaven Ba Gua is a teaching to utilize time. Therefore these two systems stay together and assist each other without any misunderstanding. This is just like the IBM PC software load to an Apple PC which cannot perform. But once they get back to their own system, their performance are remarkable.

After analyzing these two system, my conclusion is:

Starting from 1996, Former Heaven faction followers use Gua and Star of Age 8 as most auspicious. Three Cycles Nine Ages faction still using lower Age 7 to start their chart. No conflict at all.