8 Houses School & Application

8 Houses

8th Houses school is in accordance to Late Heaven Ba Gua giving rise to 8 different directions. Residences are divided into East/West four houses.

East Four houses are: Li, Zhen, Sun & Kan.
West Four houses are: Qian, Tui, Kun, Gen

Life Gua is also divided into East/West Four Life. Theoretically Life Gua should match House Gua for perfection:

1. Taking readings for East/West Four Houses
Taking measurement with Lo Pan parallel to main door. Direction on towards the house is the sitting while direction outside main door facing.

2. To calculate East/West Four Life

a) Male
Use 100 to take away last 2 digits from birth year and divide by 9. The remainder gives Life Gua.
e.g. Born in 1978, male(100-78)/9 = Remainder is 4, East Four Life

b) Female
Use last 2 digits from birth year and minus 4 and divide by 9. The remainder give Life Gua
e.g. Born in 1978, female(78-4)/9 = Remainder is 2, West Four Life

c) East/West Four Life Gua

Below is listed life Gua for both male/female, when remainder is 0, take Gua to be 9, if remainder is 5, West Four Life, with male classified under Kun Gua and female Ken Gua.

8 Houses Theory

Ba Zai Ming Jing is an authoritative book on the 8 Houses School. Below are the 8 dictatorial stars to give different effects.

a) Sheng Chi
House & Life matching gives rise to power & authority and all general prosperity. Most suited for the location of bed or work desk.

b) Tien Yi
2nd lucky star. House & Life matching for wealth & population growth. Ensures health when stove faces one's own Tien Yi direction.

c) Yien Nien
3rd lucky star when house & life matches promotes wealth & population. Best for longevity & harmony in marriage.

d) Fu Wei
4th lucky star. Medium wealth & longevity, more female than male, when stove faces Fu Wei with the arrival of Tien Yi helper, a son can be hoped for in that year.

e) Jue Ming
The most unlucky star, causes bankruptcy, sickness or even death.

f) Wu Gui
2nd unlucky star. Fire & theft, loss of wealth, law-suit & ill health.

g) Liu Sha
3rd unlucky star. Results in loss of wealth, propaganda & philandering.

h) Huo Hai
4th unlucky star. Brings about litigation, loss in wealth & obstacles.

8 Houses and Dictatorial Stars