Xuan Kong Method of Urging Wealth

What does wealth mean in ancient time

Chinese saying 'Mankind is willing to die for money, Birds willing to die for food', Mankind works for Living. Some work less and get big reward, but others experience the reverse outcome. However those who put in their effort will be rewarded. Nothing is free. There is nothing wrong if you demand for wealth or money. Through proper channels and not to be obsessed with greed, you can actually activate your life allocated wealth by feng shui method. Let us introduce some category of wealth.

(1) Main Income
This refer to day-to-day work, business or hard earn money. Modern way of creating wealth is very much complicated compared to ancient time. Income from copyright, broadcasting right or even intellectual right are unheard of by ancient civilization. These are classified as Main Wealth.

(2) Side Income
This can be known as income beyond main income. For example speculation, gambling, other investment etc. In Ancient time people has lesser side income. In Modern civilization side income from financial market, real estate, even speculation may contribute more than main income. The higher the risk, the bigger the returns. If a person depends solely on speculation as career, this income can become his main income.

(3) Ill-gotten wealth and illegal income
Illegal money mostly from robbery, swindle, theft, extortion, loot, bully, smuggle, narcotic smuggling, prostitution etc.. activities.

Wealth urging concept by feng shui

Ancient feng shui helps mainly to create family harmony, welcome the good, avoid those that are bad. Their hope for good feng shui grave were linked onto their hope of becoming official, giving birth to the next generation, getting good result in study, urging for wealth etc.

Main Wealth is the key target for feng shui. Wealth demanding process, excluding side income or even ill-gotten wealth. Beside these feng shui assistance, one should work hard in order to raise their capability of collecting main wealth, not by fluke or by luck. Feng shui wealth urging method has recently been properly develop, with the help of certain wealth urging tool or equipment, manage to speed up the wealth collecting capability.

The history of feng shui wealth urging method

Ancient Chinese community classified their social activities from a highly respected intellectual, agricultural, industrial to the least respect of businessman, The intellectuals have a higher social status, They study to pass Royal Examination in order to secure a post in the official. If they succeed, their family will be very proud of them. If they failed, they still can become a respectable teacher.

Ancient Chinese is agricultural base society, half of the population living in the rural villages. Farmers are considered middle class group. Due to the bad image of being an exploiter, businessman is lowly graded.

Why ancient Chinese use Grindstone as Wealth urging tool? This has been well recorded in books "Yang Zhai Shi Shu" and "Ba Zhai Ming Jing" share to position it auspiciously. The Six Internal Criteria are important to feng shui of Mankind living environment, such as Door, Road, Stove, Well, Toilet and Grindstone. Due to a long period of time and many feng shui practitioners do not make further research the importance of Grindstone has long been neglected. What a waste for the ancestors to discover such an important Six Internal Criteria. Let us introduce the true story of the ancient concept for Grindstone.

Chinese has more than four thousand years of civilization. Most of ancient Chinese society and agricultural base. Therefore cultivation and harvest is their main source of income. Many people have misunderstood the definition and effect of the Grindstone in feng shui. Some even treat it as our late manual or electrical grinder.

In actual fact, ancient Chinese after harvest need only to keep a small portion of their yield for their own consumption, the remaining portion are for sale. Income from their sales will pay for rent and tax. Grindstone is their wealth-urging tool. Therefore the Grindstone of the Six Internal Criteria is actually our wealth urging equipment in modern world. So it is important that we can not neglect it. Development of wealth urging equipment derived from the Chinese adore of celestial and token such as God of Wealth, Fu Lu Shou, Toad, PiXiu, Dragon Turtle, aquarium fish and plants as well.

With the help of Modern Technology, wealth-urging equipment can be quantitatively manufactured and marketed. At this present 7th Age, as Tui Gua contains metal element, that is why most of these equipment are metal based.

Xuan Kong Wealth Urging Method

Xuan Kong Method emphasizes on "Mountain controls of Mankind generations and Water controls the Wealth'. Therefore wealth-urging methods focus on Water. Wu Chang Faction is top among Xuan Kong water method. As pithy formula said "Mountain controls mountain, Water controls water' means using the prosperous Water Star as wealth position. In 7th Age, track the 7th and 8th Water Star of the Age Chart and activate it. Year Flying Star of 7th and 8th also can be activated, though the effect is small but faster.

Xuan Kong Da Gua emphasize on "Weak energy orientation water (Ling Ceng) as prosperous, Presently is the 8th Age for Da Gua, Weak position is at the South West. If you can "Stir water into your hall", wealth will follow in. Please take note that Water for Da Gua means actual water such as sea, lake, river. Human creation is less compatible.

If your staying environment discovered Outer or Inner Shar, you must dissolve it before you urge for wealth. Otherwise disaster will come before the wealth.

Please remember do not emphasize too much on wealth and neglect one's life because feng shui horrible disaster of "Mankind die for money" takes effect very soon.