Scientifically Thorough View of Xuan Kong

Xuan Kong feng shui

The theoretical aspect of Xuan Kong feng shui is both astounding and ingenious. Hence the author is merely touching on the tip of the iceberg here.

Simply, Xuan Kong is about nature and harmony, in full accordance with the requirement of modern environment science. The theory of Xuan Kong feng shui can also be tested for their physical properties through scientific experiments. Now, let's extract from the followings and analyze them from the viewpoint of modern science.:

a. Sitting,
b. Facing,
c Wu Huang,
d. Chi,
e. Wind,
f Water,
g. Mountain.

Sitting / facing (Magnetic field)

Sitting/facing is of great importance to Xuan Kong feng shui. The saying "Within the 24 Mountains are gems and within the 24 Mountains are pitfalls". This clearly states that " The value of wealth is divided by just a thin line". The Lo Pan is the equipment required to assert the direction of sitting/facing. The most important part of Lo Pan is not the small imprint letters of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Gua, Nine stars or numbers but its 'Tian Chi', i.e. the compass needle. Modern man understand that the earth is itself a big magnetic field; thus the existence of geomagnetism. The geomagnetism of the earth is from South (Negative) to North (Positive). This negative and positive characteristics is exactly that of the Former Heaven Ba Gua's Qian and Kun in the South and North positions respectively (Note: Qian is Yang, Kun is Yin).

The geomagnetism of the extreme two ends represent the fundamental of Yin and Yang.

Red blood cells is the dominant components of blood in a human body. Within this, Hemoglobin, Iron is most metallic. Geomagnetism affects the distribution of iron thus resulting in the inter-relationship between man and the environment.

This is the beginning of the effect of feng shui. Great surroundings without mankind dwelling and living, is only beautiful scenery. However, with the participation of mankind, the interaction between man and environment will result in good feng shui.

Houses has different sittings/facings, simply divided into East / West residence (i.e. two polarities). Man, also has two type of feng shui life, the East / West person (i.e. positive, negative charges), thus bringing out the original theory of feng shui life. These are the special features of the attraction and repellation of the magnetic forces. Attraction is viewed as good while repellation is bad, for example:

Man of East Four houses in East residence, life and magnetic field attracts each other, whereas if man of East Four Houses is staying in a West residence, there is a repelling force. Thus for the same house, different man experiences different responses whether it is good or bad.

Wu Huang

Wu Huang is the Zhen Kuan Shar, the worst of Shar Chi. Its element is earth and its characteristic is violent. When crossed, grieve is profound, consecutively causing harm to five sons, over a span of five years. Hence the saying 'Fear is where the Wu Huang Strike'. Wu Huang Shar power can only be reduced or prevented by eliminating Shar - 'dissolves it method'. Therefore gold or metal can be used to dissolve its effect. One must not try to conquer or overpower it for fear of further tragedy.

It has been mentioned that earth is itself great magnetic fields with red-hot lava in its center i.e. earthy. Earth is self-revolving thus creating a centrifugal force, resulting in an uneven distribution of its central lava. The magnetic mineral (i.e. magnet) when accumulated at a certain position becomes Shar Chi. This is the same as that of the Sun Spot movement on the Sun's surface, which results in the electro-magnetic properties of typhoons and its effects on earth weather and environment.

Every year, with the arrival of Wu Huang (i.e. where there is too strong of a gravitational pull) in that direction, is where great disaster may occur e.g. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes. Mankind living within the vicinity of Wu Huang will suffer bad health and ill luck.

Light (Chi)

Light, from light particles, has its dual characters of wave and particles . Thus light can be transmitted through wave or as radiation transmitted via the vacuum to the earth. Light can be classified into visible and invisible light. The visible light have seven colors (rainbow or through refraction of pyramid) while the invisible light are red, ultraviolet rays, microwaves etc.

Spectrum of Electromagnetic Light Waves

Light and feng shui is in close relations. Feng shui often use 'Chi' ( ? an ancient word) to represent the good and bad of feng shui. One must ride the Vivid Chi, avoid the Dying Chi. Chi is the same as light, cannot be seen, smell, touched, has neither form nor shapes though it is in existence.

'Chi rides the wind and is stopped when come across water'. It has become a major principle of feng shui (i.e. the methods to ride and halt Chi.) Man in ancient times research into feng shui knows that Chi cannot surpass water but due to the lack of scientific knowledge, they are unable to express their findings. Now, let me explain this: -

Both Light and Chi has the same effect as microwave. The wavelength is extremely short for microwaves, but it is high in efficiency thus micro wave oven uses this high frequency to activate the water in food, as a result heat is obtained in order to cook the food. The penetration power of microwaves though extremely high, is still unable to get through water, just like Chi. 'Opposite Refraction' explains that when Chi is met with blockage, that of wall or buildings, it will be refracted into the opposite direction. The Ba Kua mirror acts as an outer mirror. It enables Shar Chi to be reflected back etc. and this can be explained by the light's wave. When waves are transmitted, it gets reflected if blocked. According to the principles of physics, infraction is equal to that of refraction. The greater the presence of Chi when refracted, the more powerful the Chi will become. That is why hanging a mirror can dissolve external Shar Chi by refraction.


Wind in nature is the movement of air. An important feng shui principle stipulates that 'Chi rides the wind', so wind is the media by which Chi is transmitted. Lucky Vivid Chi should be absorbed but bad Dying Chi must be avoided. The saying 'Keeping wind and accumulating Chi' i.e. a residence requires wind to transmit Chi [Keeping Wind], it must not be too strong to prevent Chi from dispersing [Accumulating Chi]. Chi must be allowed to circulate in the residence, to achieve cause and effects of feng shui i.e. Chi has to affect a person.

Xuan Kong saying 'Observing wind from which incoming direction, and observe water from the opposite direction' relates that observation of wind must be from the lucky direction. Chi rides on wind and thus the incoming chi will be good.

From the viewpoint of environmental science, a breeze makes breathing easy, free airflow and moderate humidity keeps a person from feeling stuffy.


Master Jiang Da Hong's book of the 'Water Dragon Classic' clearly stipulates that the beginning of Chi must be observed through that of water. Muddy water results in the formation of earth. When water and earth vibrates, water sink through the earth and earth rises to form mountains. Chi is the beginning of water. Water is the result of Chi. Chi flows and waters follows. Water stops and Chi accumulates. Mother and Child of the same. Water and Chi follows each other and is closely related.

Analyzed through science, the existence of living things on planet earth is solely due to water. Water harbors billion livings. Darwin' s theory on evolution mentions that 'The beginning of live form is from water existing as a single cell. With evolution, fish like organism, amphibians, land creatures evolved with the final highest forms of mankind'.

Chi moves and water follows, water stops and chi accumulates is the basis of the waterway. This water must be in movement from afar and still when nearby. This follows water and with the slow down of water, stops and grows. This is comparable to that of microwave where both Chi and microwaves cannot pass through water. So, when Chi trespasses into water, it will be flushed away, until water stops with the Chi still in it. This is the secret of 'Water flows and Vivid Chi disperses, water meets and internal Chi accumulates. "


The mountain's pulse is that of the dragon' s pulse. Feng shui formation, mountain dragon has been most detailed. The dragon's pulse stresses on overlapping, elegance and serenity, high-rise and awesome, upright and almighty. It must be that of protection, like a net, like an echoing gang, like a royal cover.

Mountains can be categorized "Rock is the spinal canal of mountains, earth is flesh, water is blood, plants is fur." To find the dragon: 'Vivid Chi covers, smoke screen floats, clouds gently form steam , stays, rock surface unharmed, luscious, plant abundant, stream and spring present, soil fragrant and fine, rock nourished and bright.'
Searching for the dragon's lair is not easy. The importance has been discussed and the author shall further touch on the fine details some other time.

Let's look at Tai Zhu Shan (the starting of dragon's lair), Shao Zhu Shan (the transit of the dragon's lair), the dragon its beginning, opening, change, crossing of valley, limbs, accompany, all round, young or old, long or short, real or false, almighty or degrading, moving or stopped, separated or joined, back to or facing, host or guest, remaining chi, three forms, three landings, three grades, entering of lair, ending of lair. Then proceed to the identification of cave and determination of facing. This is the 'Geological Five Formula.'

According to Science, formation of mountains is merely the change of earth' s surface; entwining, sedimentation, formation of mountain, i.e. earth is vibrant. Ancient geologists often animates and dramatizes, relegating different mountain formations with names, giving grate to 'Calling forms and creating shapes'. Mountains differ topologically, with difference in shapes, thickness in earth surface, mineral presence and thus the difference in cause and effects of feng shui.

The above-mentioned is indicative that searching for the dragon is to find mountains of which shapes are pleasant and elegant, where plants are aplenty because nature has the effect of infiltration and erosion. If the rocks of a mountain has been eroded to a strange shape or if plants are unable to survive, this represents that the wind and water has violated the viscidity and thus the place is not much of a great choice.