The Origin of Xuan Kong Flying Stars

The real name of Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Star Number One, its color code-white
Star Number Two, its color code-black
Star Number Three, its color code-turquoise
Star Number Four, its color code-green
Star Number Five, its color code-yellow
Star Number Six, its color code-white
Star Number Seven, its color code-red
Star Number Eight, its color code-white
Star Number Nine, its color code-purple

The Element of Xuan Kong Flying Star

Star Number One - Water
Star Number Two, Number Five and Number Eight - Earth
Star Number Three and Four - Wood
Star Number Six and Seven - Metal
Star Number Nine - Fire

The Position of Xuan Kong Flying Stars


Bei Dou seven stars

Dipper (Bei Dou seven stars) plays an important role in Chinese Horoscope study, Geomancy, Astrology and Taoism. Its original name is as follows :

Tien Shu
Tien Shuen
Tien Ji
Tien Chuen
Yu Heng
Kai Yang
Yau Kwang

<Si Ji><Tien Kuan Shu> - a Classic book has talked about the Bei Dou Stars which is located at the center of the heaven and it controls the four seasons, five elements and the operating of the Chinese calendar.

According to <Yu Han Bi Ji> - a Classic book, "the movement of the Chi in the heaven and the earth is controlled by the Number One to Nine stars, whereas:

Number One is Tien Wang Ta Di,
Number Two is Zi Wei Ta Di, these two stars were renamed to Pu Pi where they stays near Wu Qu star.
Number Three is the first star of Bei Dou called Tan Lang Xing Star
Number Four is the second star called Ju Men
Number Five is the third star called Lu Chun
Number Six is the forth star called Wen Qu
Number Seven is the fifth star called Lien Zhen
Number Eight is the sixth star called Wu Qu
Number Nine is the seventh star called Puo Jun

So what if the above two statements mentioned is to record the position and name of the nine stars and the below statement is stating their functions.

Every single things in the earth will change to good or bad in accord to the stars in the heaven.

The relationship between the flying stars and Bei Dou seven stars


In the olden days, there was no high technology and sophisticated equipment to study the stars in the sky. They could only record the location of the stars by the naked eyes from the brightness of the stars. At that time Taoist have always mentioned that there were altogether nine stars instead of seven stars for Bei Dou Star. The other two stars are very far and dim, which they are hardly visible when they become brighter in certain period. The Taoist came to know them through their inner intuition where they have been practising for many years. The name of these two stars are called Dong Ming and Yun Kwang

Xuan Kong Flying Star is using the theory derived from the rotation of Bei Dou stars.

Xuan Kong and Yuan Yun

Xuan Kong becomes popular in the recent century because it can predicts accurately the happening of the incidents or events and it outbeats all the other Feng Shui theory.

In the Preview of <Sen Si Xuan Kong> : a Classic Feng Shui book, the Feng Shui master Sen Zhu Neng has found a very perfect location in Zhong Tai Hill and he gathered more than eighty geomancist to check the location and all of them unanimously agreed that this is the best location for burying of ancestor body and then decided to shift his ancestor's tomb here but before he could do so the locality was bought over by an influenced and rich man. This rich man then buried his ancestor body here but the winter of the same year, he was sacked by the government and was repelled to work elsewhere. He died on the way to report his new duty and his family was bankrupt. Master Sen was puzzled about the sad ending which was supposed to be a good one. He then recalled all the masters to study again the locality and was once again confirmed this is the perfect locality for burying of one ancestor body. This puzzle was resolved only after he learned from a book written by Master Ziang as pointed out that this was the worse direction to bury dead body because it was a direction of Fan Fu Ying . He then realised that there was timing and cycle called Age of Cycle (Yuan Yun) in the Feng Shui. This is exactly what the Chinese proverb say about "Feng Shui Lun Liu Zhuan."- Every object has its own cyclical luck trend.

Everybody knows more or less of what Yuan Yun is but its best definition is not mentioned so far, So on my collections from the ancient books and I have redefined its meaning as below, it revealed that Yuan Yun was from Luo Shu where Later Heaven Ba Gua has included Three Cycle (San Yuan).

Nine locations and its arrangement of nine stars and Nine Age. This is the secret of Xuan Kong. I hope readers will learned this secret and keep it for life.

The Definition of Age of Cycle

Three Cycles begins with the nine palaces which is actually Luo
Shu. Activating by numerous the heaven chart is thus used. The Heaven chart is that of current age and cycle. The eight Gua and nine stars are themselves void of good or bad. Those pertinent to current age and cycle are good while those impertinent to current age and cycle are bad. Current cycle is auspicious, forthcoming is Life Chi. Cycle which has just lapsed is bad and those well passed is Dead Chi. Ba Gua and the nine stars moves with Chi and time.

Simply put age and cycle are both derived from the Luo Shu, i.e. form the Later Heaven Trigrams. Confer three cycles, consign nine palaces. Collocate nine stars and align the nine ages. This is the secret of Xuan Kong; i.e. the crux of current age. The author hopes that those who chance across this article will treasure and appreciate the revelation of this secret.

The moving of Flying Stars

According to the above statement, please refer to the picture below. It showed that the flying movement of the flying star are following a regular track. By a glance on the picture it looked so much like shape of star.

Dou Zhuan Xing Yi means the change of Time where it was mentioned that we must be careful in applying the stars that there are plenty ways of arrangement.

Revelation of the secret of Xuan Kong Flying Stars

The name of Xuan Kong Flying Star is from the number one to nine and they were named after the color. Nobody has ever mentioned about the origin of these color codes but now I am going to inform you its origin from what I have learned. It goes this way, at the dust of a day, everywhere is quiet and still, the atmosphere temperature is low and cool, where the morning dew stays on the leaves waiting to be vaporized. When the sun rises, its sun ray shines on the trees and we see turquoise (No.3 Star) due to the reflection of the sunlight. It is then the sun shine strongly on the top of the sky, the temperature rises and resulted in the water vapor reduction which makes the trees look dark green(No.4 Star). The sun goes on shinning heavily like a fire ball (No.9 Star) and when it overshines the earth, the trees and ground has burned mark and look black (No.2 Star). After this, the sun set and it looks red (No.7 Star). The dawn follows and the moon rise, everything is settling down and quiet again. The sky looks clear now and white and everything is covered by the whiteness. At night, the temperature drops drastically, the water stain on top the metal and sparkling reflection due to the moon shine (No.6 Star). At midnight, temperature lowers further and frost is formed and cover everything in the earth (No.1 Star). Awaiting for the oncoming of the Center and everywhere is covered with yellow earth (No.5 Star)

This is exactly how the real name of star being derived.