What is Life Analysis?

Life analysis is a special branch of Chinese metaphysics study. It concentrates on reading a persons fortune via the elements as present in an individual's chart.

The erection of a person's Life chart is based on his or her birthday with time. This chart will enable reading into a person via the various elements as present. These elements are based on wood, fire, earth, metal and water. There are "eight words" appearing in a chart, making up four pillars, with two words for every pillar. Life analysis is thus also known as the "ba zhi" -eight words or the four pillar reading.
‍ Master Victor Li can determine from your chart together with many other information such as: FACIAL & PALMISTRY READING, HINDU ASTROLOGY, thus obtained, to give a very accurate reading of a person's future. The very career line suited for a person will be determined, as will be one's wealth luck trend if this is the very time to make an investment whether in a business or speculation. Whether a person should concentrate on fixed asset gain or if he or she has speculation luck. The horoscope for a compatible companion thus obtained will minimize conflicts in a relationship. Whether academic achievements are in sight can also be told. One's helpers and enemies in life is also marked out.
‍ It is exactly because life analysis helps many to sail through life smoothly while avoiding the pits that many rely on it to give them a better chance at success.