The Founder of Li's Feng Shui - Master Li (李宗谚)

Master Victor Li, Hong Kong Geomancer & Stocks Futurologer since 1984 and now citizen of Singapore. Specializes in Wu Chang Sect Flying Star Feng Shui , Da Gua Sect Feng Shui, Four Pillars Life Analysis, Stocks Investment Analysis, Hindu Astrology (the President of The Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology -Singapore Chapter, the President of The International Institute of Predictive Astrology - Singapore Chapter) and author of the book "Demystifying the secrets of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui"e Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology (New Delhi) appointed Master Li as the President of Singapore Chapter - Year 1999

Master Li has made various documented accurate predictions both on financial economy and natural disasters worldwide. He has also helped turned around the lives of many unfortunates via his expertise in Feng Shui and life counseling many through precise readings of their lives. Master Li provide his services to his clients around the world, applied his Feng Shui theory to help people in wealth enhancement and child birth, promotion, in the same time ridding off pits, lawsuits, marriage problem, sick and illness.Master Li's teaching covers the highest form of Feng Shui practiced as by Flying Star method. All principles are based on ancient Chinese Feng Shui classics and introduced to students at their most scientific level. Flying Star is the most sought after and the most imminent effective Feng Shui amongst the Chinese (i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore)Master Li holds the secret of the Wu Chang Sect Flying Star Feng Shui method and willing to teach this superb method to others. He is proud of highly recognition from all over the world and will not make any further progress, his aims is to educate people by the Chinese Feng Shui Metaphysics and Hindu Astrology.

Master Li Feng Shui geomancer

His motto:"One must be able to collect, detect fake information, and make judgment accurately. Most importantly, one must be a character of earnest learning and give advice judiciously."

Singapore Tourism Board Feng Shui

Singapore Tourism Board appointed Master Li to promote Singapore's Feng Shui, cultural and tourist on year 2002, and this program was recorded by Japan TV Ashai network, broadcasted in Japan with a overwhelming response.- Year 2002